Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Montana Sportsmen Alliance proudly endorses Larry Jent for Attorney General 

The Montana Sportsmen Alliance PAC proudly endorses Larry Jent in his candidacy for Montana Attorney General. 

Jent’s long-standing legal and legislative record supporting conservation and public land issues coupled with his personal experience and commitment to our wild outdoor heritage arms him with the perspective and knowledge to stand and act on behalf of the sportsmen and women of Montana as the state’s top legal official.

As an outdoorsman, Mr. Jent understands the passion Montanans hold for our wild resources and the vigilance necessary to ensure their continued enhancement and perpetuation. His experience as an attorney has given him the tools to stand on behalf of conservation issues, both in his community and at the state level. As a legislator, Mr. Jent has been at the forefront of efforts to protect public access such as Montana’s landmark Stream Access Law, successfully sought to expand penalties for the willful violation and unlawful commercialization of Montana’s wildlife and worked to gain pay parity for Montana Game Wardens. Across the board, he has played a key role in issues to deal fairly and responsibly with the delicate balance between private property rights and the Public Trust.

At a time when efforts are being intensified to privatize public resources and further exclude average Montanans from their outdoor heritage, Mr. Jent can be relied upon as an experienced advocate and an articulate and active voice against that tide. We need an Attorney General who supports and will defend the long-standing legal tradition and precedents that ensure a future for Montana’s wild legacy. Larry Jent has proven ability and commitment to do so.

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