Tuesday, October 10, 2017

FWP supervisor retires after internal investigation

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I would like to say that I am surprised by this news, but I'm not. I am a former FWP region 3 employee who became disgusted with Sheppard's management and quit when it became apparent that his allegiances were not in support of Montana's sportsmen and that his treatment of his staff was indicative of a world class narcissist. The only surprise I see here is that FWP is finally dealing with the monster they created. Although I understand Mr. Vinnedge's frustration that the new director is a lawyer, I would point out that shortly after her appointment she began tackling this issue as opposed to ignoring it as happened under previous administrations.
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I had the privilege of serving Montana's sportsmen and women for 30 years. I retired June '14 and seeing the agency decline has been my greatest sadness. For the first time in history, FWP is run by people with no fish, no wildlife, and no parks experience. A lawyer is the director. Her # 3 is an accountant and #4 is a computer techie. Appropriately, #2 is Mike Volesky, who slithered out of Governor Schweitzer's office during Joe Maurier's tenure as Director. He is responsible for the illegal dismissal of Chief of Enforcement Flowers and for protecting Sup. Sheppard's career despite his reprehensible behavior. It is going to take a lot of healing to fix this poor broken agency.
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