Monday, March 20, 2017

MBA Legislative Alert Oppose HB 568


March 16, 2017
MBA Legislative Alert

HB 568, a bill sponsored by Representative Kerry White and being brought for MOGA, will be heard in front of the House Fish Wildlife and Parks Committee on Tuesday, March 21st.
This bill seeks to divide the archery season in the Missouri breaks for nonresidents in to two separate seasons

Additionally this bill seeks to require that a full 10% of Missouri breaks archery-only permits to be issued to nonresidents.

If enacted this bill will take some of the FWP Commission’s authority for establishing hunting rules, specifically season setting authority, and give that authority to the Legislature.  This is a dangerous precedent.  Our concern should be will the legislature seek to set other seasons in future sessions.

At present the FWP Commission sets seasons through the tentatives process which allows ample time for public comment and study.  This process works, let’s not change it.

Also by requiring, rather than allowing, 10% of fully subscribed permits to go to nonresident’s opportunity will be taken from resident archers.  The total number of permits will be established by the biologists, so, if 10% go to nonresidents, instead of up to 10% of nonresidents Montana residents may have fewer tags available.

Though the impacts may be small it nonetheless will impact some resident bowhunters.

Please ask the House Fish Wildlife and Parks Committee to table this bill.

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