Saturday, March 11, 2017

MSA ALERT: ADAMANTLY OPPOSE SB 264 Gutting the Board of outfitters.

Note:  MSA, MWF, FOAM, and Russel Country all opposed in hearings.  Moga was the only group of proponents….one small but wealthy group of 200 trying to dictate to other outfitters and the public.  Moga tells us they have the R votes to pass anything they want.  Their goal is to hide info from the Public, state and federal agencies, and law enforcement.
This bill will hit the house floor this week.  Time to contact all House members.
Please remember to be polite.  Call your Reps personally and let them know how this power move by moga is contrary to the wants, needs, and desires of the Montana Sporting Public!  Commercial interests must be held accountable for bad behavior, illegal activities, and reporting. 

Montana Sportsmen Alliance goes on record vigorously opposing SB 264
SB 264  Swandal  Reducing the board of outfitters (Boo) to just licensing.  OPPOSE

Senate Bill 264 totally dismantles the system for the oversight and accounting of outfitters activities in Montana. It effectively reduces the function of the Board of Outfitters to that of simply issuing licenses. It is absolutely critical that those who wish to act as outfitters and are issued licenses to operate in Montana be part of a system that closely examines their qualifications, operations and ultimately, holds them legally accountable for the manner in which they provide their services to the public. Outfitters base their businesses on and profit from the utilization of fish and wildlife that are public resources. As such, the citizens of Montana rightfully demand that outfitting be carried out legally, and overseen with the necessary consideration for the public’s health, safety and welfare. SB 264 strips away that authority and is totally counter to the best interests of the public and ultimately, Montana’s invaluable wild resources.  

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