Monday, March 20, 2017

Montana Sportsmen/women under Attack

 Montana sportsmen/women are again under attack in the legislature.  Read through the aticles.  website    Please sign up.        Blog  Please sign up.

We are fully engaged in the legislature.  As such, we are reading bills, contacting legislators, writing position statements, and driving to Helena for meetings and testimony.  We could really use a few donations to offset expenses.  We are all strictly volunteer.  I know everyone has their hand out, but as most of you know, MSA stands pretty tall on legislative issues.  Please consider a donation???        Contribute


Please help us to make a difference for Montana sportsmen/women!

Joe Perry, Conrad
John Borgreen, Great Falls
Steve Schindler, Glasgow
Robert Wood, Hamilton
Jeff Herbert, Helena
JW Westman, Park City
Sam Milodragovich, Butte

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