Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Folks, Please weigh in on this one.  Could be in the House this afternoon.   The land board certainly doesn’t need their own access and weed person.  Contact all Reps. or call the switchboard 444-4800

The Montana Sportsmen Alliance is on record supporting the original HB 434 (weeds).  We are on record vigorously opposing HB 651 (adding access person for the land board).

We worked with Rep. Flynn on 434.  We like the original bill.  However, after days of game playing, Sen. Thomas advanced an amendment modeled on HB 651 (651 was defeated).  Montana Sportsmen and Conservation organizations have made it clear that this brand of Access is not wanted nor needed.  It is an expansion of Gov’t and redundant.

We would still support HB 434, IF and only if, it is rid of the amendment in its entirety and returned to original form. If not, we urge a kill vote.  We would like to work on access to quality habitat but it isn’t working having the majority party TELL us what we need.

Leadership Team
John Borgreen
Joe Perry
Sam Milodragovich
Robert Wood
Jeff Herbert
Steve Schindler

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