Monday, April 10, 2017

GOP selling out to the outfitters

A very fact filled perspective in Sunday's Billings Gazette.

GOP selling out to the outfitters
14 hrs ago
Montana’s hunting outfitters think they should get to dictate wildlife management, and they want more for themselves while taking away from regular resident hunters.

The Montana Outfitters and Guides Association brought HB568 to bump up to a guaranteed 10 percent for non-residents to get special permits for elk, deer and antelope. They argue it’s just a small change that nonresidents deserve to create more opportunity for them. Montana’s hunters know better and see a big loss of opportunity.

The bill would result in more than 140 fewer special deer and elk permits for Montana hunters. That includes 10 Elkhorn bull elk tags, which is the hardest special elk permit to draw in the state. Why should Montana hunters give that up for MOGA, which has done nothing for conservation and benefits off of our public wildlife while poking a stick at residents?

This is just one of the many bills MOGA has brought this session as it works to continue to create more hunting opportunity for wealthy hunters while reducing the chance for Montanans to hunt in our state. They have the Republican Party doing their bidding, and someday we’ll look back and see how much the GOP has sold out Montana’s average hunter for big money interests.

Thomas Pylman


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