Saturday, April 1, 2017

Green Decoys Again: Good Read!

Senator Hinkle,

A number of us listened to you and Sen. Fielder on the radio today.  We noticed you mentioned the green decoys and gave the web page.  So, BHA, MWF, and MSA are the only ones listed.  Are we really green decoys to you?


Dear Senator Hinkle,

I listened to the whole broadcast today, on "Voices of Montana" radio.

I understand why Senator Fielder is promoting the Green Decoy slander page. Being CEO of the ALC, and the fact that we are standing in the way of her dreams to have those lands end up in private hands makes sense.

I'm one of those "Green decoy" sportsman Senator, I'm also a 5th Generation Montanan, who's raised a 6th generation and grandpa to the 7th.

I've hunted, Fished, and Trapped all my life in this great state. Nothing against Mrs Fielder, but didn't she just move here like 7 years ago? Now I"m the "Green decoy" because we won't give up our heritage? Thats not going to happen on my watch, and I'll gladly wear the Green decoy badge in defiance of her tactics and those she shares the same values with in Washington DC.

I'm Treasurer of Montana Sportsmens Alliance PAC. We formed because of the continual attacks on our heritage by legislators. We formed to take the fight to those that would take away our heritage, people trying to privatize our resources, and basically run rough shod over our agency.

I'm also on the BOD of Ravalli Country Fish & Wildlife Association. Arguably the oldest sportsmen s organization in Montana. I've been what you consider a "Green Decoy" now for over 30 + years. Mostly working to perpetuate the activities we all enjoy in the outdoors but also to preserve the resources. I'd like you to know that RCF&W  have been supporting SB 236.

MSA hasn't taken a stance on this bill as an organization, but after todays broadcast I'm not sure that will be the case as you have done damage to any credibility in favor of supporting SB 236.

I urge you to make this right and apologize to all the sportsman and woman in the state that you slandered by promoting this hack organization.

"Green Decoy"
Robert S. Wood
Hamilton, Mt

 Senator Hinkle,

    In this email I am speaking for myself. That said, I, too, listened to the “ Voices of Montana “ program today, and take exception to be labeled  a “ Phony, Green Decoy Sportsmen Communist “.

   I am 78 years old and have been fighting to protect and maintain our valuable Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Heritage since I was 8 years old when my Dad started
   taking me to the old Cascade County Wildlife Association meetings (a club he helped form in 1946), which is now the Russell Country Sportsmen’s Association, of which
   I am the current Secretary, and Board member. I am also a founding member of the Montana Sportsmen Alliance with Robert Wood. I  belong to the MWF, PLWA,
   Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association and the MBA. In addition, I am a proud Navy veteran who served my country with honor and dedication.

  I also am a 4rd generation Montanan who raised a 5th generation, with the 6th generation learning about Montana values right now.

   Like Robert Wood, I have hunted and fished all my life and enjoyed all that Montana has to offer, and what was passed down to me.  I  am committed to passing it down
   to the next generations at least as good as it was passed down to me.

   After the broadcast today, I received several phone calls and emails very critical of your position and insulting comments targeting me and the other “ Green Decoys “
   You embarrassed yourself.

   Robert stated it correctly regarding why MSA was formed.  We are committed to speaking out against attacks against our heritage and values from dark money and shadow
   groups that attempt to slander folks like us. I am well aware of individuals like Rick Berman and Will Coggins, the $$  behind the Green Decoy videos. I’m sure you
   and Senator Fielder are too. 

   An effort to change the Constitution of Montana is a serious endeavor and must not be done by insult, deceit, intimidation and falsehood.

   As a participant in the broadcast, you, Senator Fielder, the host and the callers, owe apologies to the folks you insulted and slandered today.

   John Borgreen
   “ Green Decoy”
    Great Falls , MT

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