More special deer and elk permits to non-residents so outfitters can charge more for trophy hunts. That and other proposals are among an agenda Montana Republicans support in the Legislature. Their voting record show it’s a wish list for the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association, while ignoring proposals to benefit resident hunters.
MOGA is active in Helena working to enact their proposals to strip game harvest and land leasing requirements, cut the minimum wage for assistant guides and to let hunters shoot from a vehicle so their wealthy clients can easily bag a trophy on private land without spending too much “boots on the ground” time. They don’t give a rip about ethical hunting, our wildlife or habitat that their members make money from.
They get plenty of help from willing GOP legislators who will do MOGA’s bidding. The outfitters even canned the longtime chair of the state Board of Outfitters because he didn’t approve of every proposal MOGA brought forward to privatize public wildlife and removing transparency to what MOGA is doing. Things like having an outfitter assistant; MOGA’s catch phrase for an untrained person, because it’s just easier and cheaper. Lack of first aid training may not be divulged to those paying clients. Hey, but who cares if you’re able to shoot your trophy from the vehicle?